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Nemo’s Back Up North! FinTech North – Leeds

On May 22, 2024, FinTech North hosted another conference at Cloth Hall Court in Leeds. Project Nemo was pleased to be invited once again to present to a gathering of FinTech professionals, celebrating the advancements in FinTech within the Northern region.

Before discussing Project Nemo’s contributions at the event, we want to thank Christopher Sier, CEO of ClearGlass and Chairman of FinTech North, for his inspiring opening speech. Mr. Sier shared his personal battle with colon cancer and his uncertainty about attending the event. We are grateful he could be there. His story, filled with humour and resilience, set a thoughtful tone for the day. He also encouraged attendees to take the simple and effective test for early detection of colon cancer.

Kris Foster (Co-Founder) and Alexandra Greening (Neurodiversity Lead) from Project Nemo joined Rachel England from FinTech North to discuss the importance of neurodiversity. Kris Foster shared his journey of overcoming cancer and his struggle to find a job, submitting over 200 applications before finding a place with Joanne Dewar, Project Nemo’s Co-Founder, at her previous company. His experience highlights Project Nemo’s mission to improve disability inclusion.

Alexandra Greening spoke about the challenges neurodivergent individuals face in traditional employment, especially when diagnosed later in life. She emphasised the need for the right environment and support for neurodivergent people to thrive. Despite graduating with First Class Honours in Law, Ms. Greening chose to work with Project Nemo to promote disability inclusion in the FinTech sector. Her story highlighted the need for societal changes to better understand and support neurodiversity. Rachel England shared her connection to the cause through her autistic brother, showing the broader impact of disability inclusion initiatives. She reinforced the importance of valuing individuals as they are and expressed excitement about Project Nemo’s efforts to drive these changes in the FinTech industry.

Julian Wells, Director of FinTech North, invited attendees to stand and applaud in respect for the experiences shared by Chris Sier and Kris Foster. Many attendees then shared their own stories, feeling affirmed by the presentations from Kris, Alexandra, and Rachel. Leeds Trinity University showed interest in incorporating neurodiversity considerations for their students, future professionals in the industry. Other FinTech niches also expressed enthusiasm for integrating neurodiversity into their practices.

The event showed that Project Nemo’s message was resonating, influencing subsequent talks and encouraging broader consideration of neurodiversity within FinTech. We thank everyone at FinTech North for their support and look forward to future collaborations.