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Creating Inclusive Workplaces

As part of the Project Nemo Festival of Inclusion, in partnership with Fox Williams, we are proud to present a Workplace and workforce focussed event for Senior People Leads.

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Have you ever wanted to know what other organisations like yours are doing around disability inclusion, but not had a safe space in which to talk about it?

As a senior HR professional, we would like to invite you to a roundtable discussion on your experiences of trying to build disability inclusive workplace.

The team from Project Nemo will share stories from those with lived experience of entering the FinTech industry. They will also provide access to tools and experts to support you on your disability inclusion journey.

This is an opportunity to see what good practice could look like and discuss with experts and fellow peers how your organisation might progress in this area.

We do not expect you to already be on your journey or have examples to share yourself – this is an opportunity for any senior people lead within a FinTech who wants to explore disability inclusion. The purpose of the session is to bring together likedminded indivdiuals, and provide you with stories, and connections to experts that help you in your next stage – whether that’s starting the journey, course correcting, or moving forward!

We would like this to be an event where people feel comfortable to share their views openly, so we should make clear that all thoughts collected will be anonymised and no recordings will take place.

Once you apply for a ticket, we will respond to confirm your attendance.